Application Process

The process of application to the Program and evaluation of candidates consists of three phases:

1. Application Package

             Online Application Form is only accessible during the application period. Once you have accessed the form once you will be able to re-enter the form with the given ID and password and make necessary additions or changes. When you complete the form you must print it, sign it and put it into your application package. In this form you will be required to enter personal information, information regarding education, standardized exams, foreign languages, previous experiences and answer questions. Statement of purpose will be entered into this form. Information regarding the application fee is also provided in this form.

                       Important note: The applications for all programs will be completed using the application form for Adult track. lnformation regarding your program(s) of choice will be asked in the form.

  • 1 photo
  • Two (or three) Reference Forms (Recommendation Letters) (.doc)   (The reference forms must be filled by either 2 academicians or by 1 academician + 2 professionals (eg. supervisors))
  • ALES or GRE or GMAT result - xeroxed copy
    ALES > 70 (equal weight) or GRE (quantitative) > 675 (old scoring system) or GRE (quantitative) > 153 (new scoring systemor GMAT (quantitative) > 500

                       Important note: If you cannot provide examination results at the due date of the application package due to the date of your entrance to an examination, the results must be sent until the beginning of the interview dates.

  • BA Diploma -xeroxed copy
  • Transcript
  • CV
  • Statement of purpose (this document can be written either in English or Turkish. This document will be inserted into the Online Application Form)
  • Application fee (50 TL - Please see the Online Application Form for the details)
  • English Proficiency Test Result (one of the below):  

- TOEFL CBT (computer based) > 221
- TOEFL IBT (internet-based) > 84
- BILET 3 > 70
- YDS > 70




                       Important note: Applicants who wish to take the written exam in Turkish and attend the English Preparatory year, are required to document YDS >50; or TOEFL CBT> 184, TOEFL IBT > 66; or BILET > 50

The application package should be sent to the following address before the application deadline:

Clinical Psychology Graduate Program
Subject: Application

Istanbul Bilgi University
Santral Kampüsü - L2
Eski Silahtaraga Elektrik Santrali
Kazim Karabekir Cad. No: 2
34060 Eyüp / ISTANBUL

Applicants whose application package meets the program criteria will be invited to take the written exam.

2. Written Exam

The written exam aims to measure the applicant's; comparative and critical skills with regard to basic knowledge of psychopathology and psychotherapy; and ability to apply basic research methodology on these topics in a systematic and creative way. Competence in the following topics at the undergraduate level would be sufficient to successfully answer the exam questions:

  • Personality theories
  • Psychopathology
  • Clinical Psychology/Psychotherapy
  • Research Methods (How a research study is designed step-by-step in a specific topic)

Based on the exam results, successful applicants will be invited to the interviews.

3. Interview

In the last phase, the applicants will be interviewed by the clinical faculty with regard to their suitability to be a clinician and their goals/career plans.

Following the interviews, all three phases of the selection process will be taken into account in a combined way and results for the main and waiting lists will be announced.



Important note: At the end of the application/selection process, applicants will not be returned their documents and application fees.